Christmas Shopping

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Hope everyone had a nice weekend!  I'm happy that i was pretty productive with my Christmas shopping but i'm starting to notice just how selfish i am...with all of the great sales going on right now all i wanna do is look, shop and buy things for myself!  me me me!!!  my attitude has been, "who cares about so and so?! this is 40% off!"   but thanks to my wonderful boyfriend who helped me stay focused, i was able to deny myself and pick up a few gifts for some ppl on my list...oh and btw, before we went inside the mall i had to repeat to my boyfriend the following: "i will not get angry at other annoying and rude customers who push, cut in line and have no considerations for others..." hahaha, it was a peaceful shopping trip. 

my friday night date outfit:

hot pink blazer: zara
black blouse: f21
black leggings: h&m
black flat knee high boots: banana republic
multi metallic clutch: aldo accessories
blinged out heart clock necklace: some vintage boutique

saturday shopping outfit:

top: ann taylor
dark blue jeans: loft
cheetah flats: pacsun

sunday shoes:  his & hers

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