hope everyone is doing well.. i can't believe January is already over... wow time flies...

i've been in a little bit of a social media funk lately... i've met the most sweetest and kindest people through blogging, twittering and instagraming.. but along with that, i've met a few not so friendly people as well... people who only care about getting ahead and networking to build up their army of followers..  i'm not saying that it's wrong to do that.. i just have different priorities... blogging is a hobby that i enjoy, but it does not own my life and i refuse to treat anyone less b/c they have nothing to offer or contribute to me "getting ahead" in this social media world... if i enjoy reading what u post i will be ur most loyal subscriber and u can trust when i say that i'm not looking for opportunities to advance on the internet...  these unkind people that i've come across are so wrapped up in wanting to be popular... which is exactly what this is to them... a popularity contest... anyways.  enough cyber venting.  

today i just really wanted to post pictures of inspirations... i do not own any pictures below... enjoy!

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