Sequins at Work!

i work in a business formal corporate office so dressing "fashionably" is limited for me...
but i try to have fun with my outfits and sometimes, i push the dress code limit...
today i wore this black and white gingham button down with a khaki colored cashmere sweater. 
and on the bottom i wore a ann taylor sequin skirt with my tory burch flats... 

random armparty from random stores... the pearl chain mix is from the etsy store bfrend.
i absolutely love it! it's exactly the style i like - modern classic.

for those inquiring about what i purchased from tory burch in my last post.
i still haven't taken the plastic off of the metal logo. 

i hit 300+ followers today in instagram! 
thank you to everyone who is following me! 

i brought out my dslr the other day.. 
i'm inspired to take photos again! we'll see how i do...

hope everyone is having a nice wednesday! 
see u soon! 
<3, m

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