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11 facts about myself:
1.    I love to shop and buy things.
2.    I love to eat yummy foods and drink yummy champagnes…
3.    I am a germaphobe… I wash my hands like crazy, all the time…
4.    Mary Poppins is still one of my favorite movies
5.    I have a crush on Matt Damon
6.    My guilty pleasure is all of the trashy reality shows: real housewives, jersey shore, the bachelor and so on…
7.    I crave mc donalds french fries and ice cream cone
8.    I am afraid of the sun…wrinkles!
9.    To this day, I still cry at the end of ‘the little mermaid’
10.  I find aquariums to be so relaxing… I could sit and watch the fishes swim all day long.
11.  My favorite place to live is the city but I’m currently enjoying the OC suburbs…

My 11 questions from Black Little Button:

1. What did you want to be when you grew up? housewife
2. Favorite activity to do outside? Either shopping or getting a facial…
3. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of you life,what would it be? This is hard…… I guess Korean bbq
4. The best thing that has happened to you? Still waiting for that best thing to happen! =)
5. Name the person you idolize/look up to? Both my parents.  They are the wisest and most humble people I know.
6. One thing you can’t live without? Currently it is my iphone.. but usually it’s my hand lotion… I have dry hands b/c I’m always washing them.
7. A goal you want to finish before the year is done? Get married!!!  
8. All-time favorite movie, that you’d watch every day? clueless
9. Wine or beer? I prefer champagne…
10. If you could be an animal, what would you be?  some type of underwater creature I suppose.
11. Something you’ve learned since you starting your blog? It’s a lot of work!

My 11 questions:
1.    What is your fashion style?
2.    Who is your fashion icon?
3.    What trend are you currently loving?
4.    What trend do you dislike?
5.    If you could only shop at 1 store for the rest of your life what would it be?
6.    What is your skincare must?
7.    if you could only take 3 things on an island: 
8.    What is at the top of your shopping list right now?
9.    Favorite Movie?
10.  Current favorite tv show?
11.  What is your guilty pleasure?

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