o so preppy.

wow, thank u to everyone who left me a comment on my previous post!
i didn't know what kind of reaction i'd get when i wrote my last entry but to know that some of u have experienced what i've experienced is reassuring to know that i'm not the only one. =) 
thanks for all of ur comments, they were really encouraging to read and it just inspired me to continue blogging. 

it's so funny b/c u can always tell who actually reads ur post and who doesn't by the comments they leave. lol.  i'm not judging bc i sometimes to the same thing... 

this past Thursday i attended a Poshmark party. 
If you love fashion/shopping u should definitely check out the app! 
i'll talk more about it in my next post. 

i picked a few photos from the last week to show my outfits.
sorry to the instagramers who already follow me, these are repeat photos =)

thanks always for following me!
hope ur having a fabulous weekend so far!  
i'm a little under the weather so i'm trying to rest up. 


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