what can be better than a fashionable marriage between ebay and instagram?


so last Thursday I had the opportunity to go to the Poshmark Party in LA. 
it was so much fun meeting local bloggers and youtubers. 
everyone was so sweet and very fashionable! 
thank you to the beautiful hosts and our lovely Poshmark team for putting this all together! <3

a few pics from the evening:

Amanda, me, Charlie, Lyann

crystal, sophia, me, alex, april

me, alex, amanda

me, alex, sophia

maria, me, tracy, alex, amanda

what is Poshmark?
like i mentioned above, it's a marriage between instagram and ebay.

free iphone app
buy and sell your clothing/accessories
join in on live fashion parties across the country from the comfort of your home
free shipping for buyer / seller
funds are completely secure until you receive your items!

check it out and make sure to add me as ur friend - simplyxclassic

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