Shopping Bright!

Last Saturday after E and I left Manhatten Beach, 
we headed to Santa Monica 3rd st for a little shopping... 

So along with my obsession with neon colors, i've also been loving BRIGHT colors...
i love bright colors, it screams summer... i know it's not summer time just yet (even though the weather in Socal has been in the 80's on some days) i can't help but to indulge in the summery colors!

Old Navy Orange Stripe Sweater Tank: $20 
Old Navy: Orange RacerbackTank: $8 (promo)

Zara: Bright Yellow Blazer - $79.90
unfortunately i was on the fence about this one so instead i purchased this:

Zara: Fantasy Fabric Blazer- $129

LOFT: textured pocket mini - $59.50
the color comes off yellow in the camera, but it's actually a lime greenish/yellow color.
jcrew: gingham shirt

What color's are you loving right now?

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