Jcrew Love

if mickey drexler asked me to come back to work in the fashion industry, i would go without any hesitation...

i love jcrew... ever since mr. drexler took over back in the early 2000's, jcrew has been brilliant!

right now, all current sale items are an extra 30% off.  take advantage of this great sale!  i already made my purchase earlier this week!

here are my favorite picks:

love this top! it's so cute for work and play! 
i believe there's a outlet version but i love my original one so much!

i actually missed out on this!  they don't have any size anymore but if they did, i would buy it in a heartbeat!

this basket dress is super comfortable! i wore it to a wedding a few months back and i absolutely love it.

who doesn't love some stripes and ripped jeans!?

love primary colors together...

i love anything beige and white mixed together!

mm.. love yellow..

these shorts are super cute! i like the blue version too. 

what's ur favorite jcrew item right now?

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