Cool Stripes

 lately the socal weather has been so wonderful! 
i love spending beautiful days outdoors enjoying the weather - with a hat of course...
(if you haven't figured out by now, i wear a lot of hats when i'm outside.. 
not for style but b/c i'm very protective of my face).

anyways, sometimes i have a hard time wearing statement necklaces b/c i never know what to pair it with... but i learned that most statement pieces looks good with a striped top. 

shirt: jcrew
shorts: banana republic
flip flops: tory burch
handbag: some local boutique
hat: can't remember
necklace: h&m
bracelets: kate spade, jcrew, f21, h&m, betsey johnson, bfrend

how do you style your statement necklaces?

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