i do - Chapter 1: "12.22.12"

So with some encouragement from a few lovely girlfriends, I decided to blog bits and pieces of my wedding planning… But before I jump into all of that, let me preface by saying that I had no intentions of doing this b/c I wanted to be sensitive to the women who may be struggling with discontentment in their marital status.. I know this topic can bring out envy or jealousy and cause a person to be really unhappy with where they are in their life.. I know that b/c I suffered through that in my upper 20’s… What changed my mind is that, I need help!!!  I’ve never planned a wedding before so I have no idea what I’m doing.. and sure I can read all those great websites that tells you “do’s” and “don’ts” but I feel like getting real raw advice from women who have already gone through this will be a better form of guidance for me…  so with that, I hope that you readers will enjoy this crazy journey with me… In advanced, I’d like to thank you for helping me get through this period of chaos and joy in my life.

Picking our wedding date was easy… in fact, we had our date selected even before we got engaged, I think even before E bought the ring… I knew that E was going to propose sometime at the beginning of 2012, I knew that info b/c I told him that he had til the end of first quarter 2012 to propose.  That’s right, I gave him a deadline…we’ve been dating for over 4 years and quite honestly, I was getting tired of waiting… that may seem impatient and maybe it is, but when you’re in your 30’s, times a ticking… tic toc tic toc…. Regardless, I wanted a wedding date that would give me the longest amount of time to plan without going into 2013, so we agreed on the Saturday before Christmas for a socal winter wedding.

Olivia Leigh Photographie 

Growing up I always imagined of having a spring or warm weather wedding.. never did I think about a cold, possibly rainy day… but the more I researched winter weddings, I fell in love… there’s something magical and wimsical about a winter wedding… of course, I don’t think I can achieve that kind of “winter wonderland” wedding b/c I live in socal (I’m still trying to find a vendor that supplies snow machines that wont break the bank),  regardless, I’m gonna try to make it as “wintery” as possible.  If you have any ideas, please leave me a comment! =)

Readers: what time of year is your ideal wedding?