DIY - Metallic Cap Toe

ok so i've been searching high and low for the perfect metallic cap toe but failed miserably... 
after seeing a few diy blogs i decided to give it a try... let me preface by saying that i'm not and never have been a d-i-y kind of a girl... i don't get pleasure out of crafts or making / building things.. i'd rather sit back and pay someone else to do the work.  BUT - i have to admit that this was pretty fun and super easy..... and i'm extremely impressed with the result...
if you're wanting a cap toe shoe but struggled to find a pair you like, try this out!

here's what you need: 

shoes you want to diy
(next time i will choose shoes that are not made of fabric)

Metallic Spray Paint, Clear Glossy Cover, Painters Tape


1. Determine where you want your cut off to be and tape it off
(i used regular tape to mark the spot first and then i went over with the painters tape.. you want to protect the part of the shoe you don't want sprayed.  To achieve this,  i used a newspaper page to completely cover up the part of the shoe i wanted to protect.. remember to cover the bottom of the shoe too)

2. Spray paint away!
(i found that it helps to do light sprays in a swipe motion a few times rather than full on spray in one spot... let dry for 10 mins and do a second coat... let dry for a few mins and spray your glossy cover coat) 

3. When dry (1 hour later), carefully remove all of the paper and tape...


i can't wait to wear these out!!!

Have you tried this diy?  
What do you think of cap toe shoes? 

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