i do - Chapter 2: "the dress"

so i know the first thing MOST women do after they get engaged is go wedding dress shopping...
as much as i LOVE shopping, this was the one thing i dreaded the most!
why? b/c i'm extremely picky...

so here was my list of "NO, don't even bring it near me"
1. nothing that looks like whipped cream
2. no strapless or halter
3. no mermaid 
4. no sashes, rosettes or feathers
5. no crazy princess ball gown

i know what you're thinking, what's left? 

here's what i had in mind...

(all photos from pinterest)

 i just wanted something simple, elegant and flattering... 
and more importantly something i'd be comfortable in...

well, it's 5 months before the wedding and i still don't have my dress.

so just wanted to ask you for some help...

what is your ideal wedding dress?
which wedding dress style do you not like?