What's In My Bag, All The Time!

My Essentials...
these 10 items are ALWAYS with me when i go out...

1. Phone - iphone4s
2. Wallet - Coach, i have several wallets but i always come back to this b/c it's the lightest
3. Oil Blotting Sheets - Shiseido
4. Face Powder - MUFE duo mat
5. Sunglasses - ray ban wayfarer
6. Lipstick - Clarins lipbalm in Crystal Pink
7. Chapstick - Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment
8. Hand Lotion - Caudalie - i'm a lotion nazi! i'm a bit of a germaphobe so i'm always washing my hands 
9. Hand Mirror - Lioeli Princess mirror
10. Planner - i'm lost without this

what item(s) do you always carry around with you?