My Absence

i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

i know, i've been a bad blogger! 
i've been mia for a month now but i promise i have a good reason.
i got married! =)
December 22, 2012 - 4pm at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach, CA

I wish i had more photos to share but unfortunately it'll take a few weeks until i get them from my photographer... but here are a few photos stolen from my friends.

my dad passed away last year, so my little nephew walked me down the aisle. 

my beautiful bridesmaids & flower girl

one of my favorite photos... my beautiful niece watching our wedding.

wedding reception... 
i changed my dress. 

i promise i'll be back to a normal routine! 
e and i just got back from our honeymoon so we're still transitioning.

Happy New Year Everyone! 

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