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Are you a serum user?  I must admit that I was very skeptical at first but after 4 years of using them, I’m a true believer in the much so that i often splurge on my serums and budget on moisturizers. 

The texture of a serum is lighter than the average moisturizer so you can layer your moisturizer on top.  Serums are not formulated to moisturize and hydrate your skin.  Even if you have oily skin, it’s good to use both serums and a daily moisturizer.

Here is the best definition I found on the internet that clearly defines what Serums are:  “Serums act as specialists. They are formulated to address specific skin concerns such as wrinkles, firming, age spots and discolorations. Serums can address needs that aren’t covered by a moisturizer.” Ron Robinson

This is the exact reason why I love serums.. There is a specific serum that targets my specific troubled concerns.

Currently i'm using 4 serums.. i know, it's an overload but hey, i only have one face and i need to take care of it!

Pictured above:  Duo One Essential, Diorsnow D-NA Reverse Night ConcentrateDiosnow D-NA Control Day Essence, Lancome Genefique, Sk-II Facial Treatment Essence, Clarins Eye Cream, Shiseido Eye Cream

I'm not quite sure what i think of the Diorsnow line b/c i just started using it about a month ago... so far it's ok... i love how my skin glows, but i honestly don't see any big difference with my dark spots and i don't know if the One Esstential makes a huge difference... it's suppose to "boost" any serum/skincare item you use... i've tried my regular skincare routine with it and without it and so far the outcome is the same... i would save your money on that...
I don't know if i'll ever stop using the Lancome Genefique.. It did wonders for my skin when i first started using it... my skin was radiant and i actually saw my dark spots/post acne spots fade while using this.. of course after 2-3 years of using it, it's losing it's effects on my skin which is why i was in the market for a new serum.... But i think i'll continue to have this in my collection. 

So do you use serums?  If so, which one have you tried and which ones would you recommend? 

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