Simply Yummy: St. Patricks Day Ambrosia

One of my favorite easy to make desserts is Ambrosia.Salad.
It's seriously the easiest dessert anyone can make 
and since St. Patty's Day is coming up,
I decided to go green and add in Pistachio flavored jello mix for color.. delicious!

Combine pistachio flavored mix & can of crushed pineapples

Fold in 1 tub of cool whip
Combine with your canned fruits
(i used a can of fruit cocktail & mandarin oranges)

Add coconut shavings & marshmallows and mix all together
Store in fridge to cool.

Serve & Enjoy!

I made a pretty big batch for a party of 2 so my hubby
and i have been eating this for dessert since Saturday...Overload?
Not at all,  it's so delicious! 

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