Life Lately

Hello Friends!
So sorry it's been a while since i last updated...
Truth is, my first trimester has been pretty rough on me.  
For those of you who have gone through this, please let me know how and
what got you through the first trimester.

My life has been very simple and quiet these days.. 
I spend most of my days either laying in bed or on the couch... I feel like a vampire
b/c i hardly ever see the sun outdoors.  Due to my sickness, i haven't been keeping
up with my housewife duties. I used to think that my home would ALWAYS
be tidy, neat and beautiful with everything in it's place 
regardless of any chaos in my life, but i was completely wrong.  Kinda makes me
wonder what our home will look like when we actually have a baby in the house. 
Here's a glimpse of my messy vanity.

Question for you moms out there, how do you manage to keep your home tidy
even when you're sick and tired and have kids running around?