Simply Loving: Worth Waiting For...

So last year this I saw this gorgeous dress at French Connection... 
Unfortunately, it was $400!!!  I wanted to wear this dress at my 
wedding reception, but i just couldn't justify the price...
i kept checking the website obsessively in hopes it would go on sale. 
Well the day came and it did go on sale except my size was all gone! 
so i put it out of my mind and thought it wasn't meant to be...

Fast forward 9 months later to today where I just happened to stumble 
upon it at Neiman Marcus Last Call!
One left in the whole store and it was in the size 6!!!
meant to be!!!

The best part is the price!
I heart memorial day sales!!!

Reg: $398
Sale: $139
Extra 40% off: $80!!!

There is NO way my preggo belly can fit this now, but
 once the baby is born, I am going to do everything
to fit my little behind in this dress!  It's my motivation dress.

So for the meantime, this dress will be used as wall art. 

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