Summer Neon

Summer is just around the corner which means i can pull out all of my bright and neon colored items. yippie! Don't you love that about the summer time?  i spotted this neon yellow skirt from jcrew the other week and i couldn't wait to bring it home.  i figure i better wear this skirt to the ground during the next few weeks as i know i wont be able to when i start gaining massive baby weight.  

top & skirt: jcrew // sunnies: chanel // heels: h&m // 
bag: louis vuitton // necklace: lulu's

i'm so happy to say that i'm finally starting to feel like myself again.. the nausea went away completely and i definitely have a lot more energy than the weeks before.. it makes me a little nervous though.. sometimes i feel too normal that i fear i'm not pregnant anymore.. is that normal?  

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