ok, i know i'm pregnant and not "fat" but i can't help but to be a little insecure about my growing by the second body!  Please, if there are any other prego women out there who feel this way or who have experienced this, let me know!  In the last 3 weeks i gained about 10-15 lbs out of nowhere...  my doctor was so proud of me b/c i didn't gain any weight during my first trimester but lemme tell you, i'm disgusted with myself.. i can't stand to look at myself in the mirror b/c i haven't embraced my new round body.. err... I'm jealous of those skinny women who hardly look pregnant when pregnant.. they just gain a tiny little bump in the mid section and that's it!  Wish my body was like that, but nope!  i can see the growth in my legs (specifically my calves), my mid area and my arms/fingers.   I can't believe i'm only half way through my pregnancy - does that mean i'm going to double in size?  Help!
(disclaimer: granted, i'm so thankful for the health and growth of my baby and i would never starve myself or do anything stupid to jeopardize the well being of our baby... it's just a little hard for me)

romper: loft // blazer: zara // belt: chanel // clutch: chanel // sunnies: ray ban // heels: zara

So for all you momma's out there, please share with me how you got over your "i'm huge!" insecurities.

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