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 Good morning friends!

(morning essentials: tea, ipad, iphone, fruit, notebook for my baby kick counts)

Sorry for the lack of post... I've been in busy/panic mode with getting our home ready for our little baby.  The last 6 months of being pregnant made me very lazy to keeping my home organized... My hubby has weird hospital schedule so on the days he has off, I take full advantage of his muscles to do grocery shopping, furniture shopping and other things I can't do on my own right now - which makes very little time to blog...

I'm also in the middle of brainstorming a new layout/upgrade for my blog...  I'm hoping to give my blog a facelift pretty soon!  I've been struggling with my blog identity.. Not quite sure where I fit in anymore... am I a style/beauty blog or am I a lifestyle blog?  Pre-pregnancy I never read any mommy/lifestyle blogs b/c I had zero interest in that kind of life since I couldn't relate to it.. but now that I'm in the boat, i'm finding myself drawn to those specific blogs... I struggle b/c I know if I make the switch to writing more about pregnancy and life in general, there is a chance I may lose some readers interest... so I'm trying to find the right balance between both worlds right now... If you have any suggestions, please let me know! 

Anyways, thank you so much for sticking with me this far and letting me be a part of your blog feed! 
Have a wonderful day! *muah!

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