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Last week I was invited to Burke Williams day spa to try out their pregnancy massage.  Let me start by saying that I've been going to BW since 2004 for my monthly facials...I have gotten massages from your high end designer spas to medical clinics and bw is by far my favorite place to get body massages.. 

Every visit to BW, i find myself letting go of the all the worries of the world...nothing in the world matters... For 6-8 hours that I'm at Burke Williams, you can not get in contact with me b/c i'm on another planet... It's very rare for me to do spa days with friends b/c I find myself never "relaxing".  I usually go alone and spend the entire day with myself.. but I will admit that sometimes it is fun to go with girlfriends to hang out. 

They have a nice facility where you can take advantage of their hot spa, misting rooms and sauna room. Their locker rooms and shower areas are clean and fresh towels are always being cycled through.   I absolutely love their lounge area where you can sit by the warm fire and indulge in delicious teas or cucumber/lemon water... Too relaxed and need to take a nap?  No problem, BW has a quiet room where you can completely escape the noise to comfortably drift off to dreamland...

BW also has a beautiful vanity area fully loaded with everything you need to get ready to go out for the evening.  All of their tools are sterilized so you don't need to worry...  

But what i love most about BW is their dedicated focus to relaxation. The staff members are very kind and they strive to meet all of your needs to ensure a wonderful and peaceful visit.  
So let's briefly talk about my maternity massage.. Holy moly, it was awesome!  I was literally drooling by the end of my 50 mins... Again, i've gotten many body massages before but Burke Williams is by far my favorite place.  I highly recommend treating yourself to a spa day!  I think spa days makes great gifts - in fact my husband has purchased my membership to Burke Williams for 2 years in a row for my birthday... He knows how much i love my spa days... 

If you're pregnant, i hope you'll try this massage out.. it was absolutely wonderful!  Even if you're not pregnant, I encourage you to give Burke Williams a try. I'm a loyal faithful customer and will always be.   

Have you guys been to Burke WIlliams before?  If so, let me know your experience.. Or, let me know what your favorite way to relax is. 

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