Simply Loving - July Edition

Better late than never I suppose... Here are the items I've been loving for the month of July!

Garnier Fructis Pure & Clean Shampoo - I'm on my second bottle and already bought my third.. My hubby and I both love this shampoo... It really does make your hair, "clean" without drying or striping! Smells good and gets the job done! 

Swisspers Ovals/Cotton Round Pads - Kinda silly to have a favorite cotton round, but I swear this brand is the best!  The quality is nice and it won't break on you! I use this to remove my make up at night... I've tried target's up&up brand and I hate it! it's super cheap and falls apart immediately with liquid, not to mention that it'll leave you with cotton residue on your face.. I am also a big fan of shiseido's $20 cotton pads but those are wayyy to expensive to splurge on all the time... 

Destination Maternity Leggings - Ok, you knew this would be coming... These are super comfortable, I could wear them all day, and I literally do wear them all day long! I need to go back and buy more b/c this is the ONLY thing I want to wear all the time! I'm picky about my leggings b/c a lot of cheaper ones are see through and I hate that! 

Thin Gold Stacking Rings - I have been wearing these on my all of fingers.. I love how dainty and delicate they look!

Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears - Because they are awesome... Enough said. 

Magic Bullet - I'm back to my smoothie phase... My favorite mix right now is spinach, bananas, fresh raspberries/blueberries/blackberries, scoop of rainbow sherbet ice cream and a splash of almond milk! YUMMY!!! 

The Honest Life Book - I purchased this about a month ago from b&n and I couldn't put it down the first couple of days.. I found it really helpful to read, especially since I'm a mommy in training...  I haven't purchased any of the products yet, but I definitely plan to... Have you guys tried any products? If so, please let me know your thoughts. 

What were some items favorites from July?