Mommy Boot Camp

It's been 7 weeks exactly since I had my first born, Rylie... 
She is so precious to me and even though it's so cliche for me to say, she has changed my life completely.  I can't say that it's all 100% for the better b/c to be honest, I am still adjusting to the difficult journey they call motherhood.  

The most difficult thing I have learned in the last 7 weeks is witnessing my own child suffer and not being able to do anything about it.. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, Rylie has been battling a cold and it has been hard for me to see her so congested and unable to feed well due to difficulty breathing... It breaks my heart b/c she can't rest, and there is nothing I can do except try to soothe and comfort her... I will be honest and tell you that I have already shed a few tears for my daughter b/c I felt and still feel completely helpless.  I seriously can't wait for her yucky cold to go away! 

I swear I was born without the mommy gene... 
I don't know how moms are so tough, b/c I am so weak sauce.  
The first few months must be some sort of mommy boot camp b/c I am being worked! I am being tested physically and emotionally.  In these moments of feeling helpless and not knowing what to do, I have learned that as long as Rylie is fed, has a clean diaper and can breathe, I just need to shower her with a lot of love, hugs and kisses until the storm passes. 

Any moms out there?  Can you please share with me what you do in these helpless moments? What do you do to comfort your child when they are ill?