Simply Loving - July 2014

Wow, can't believe it's now August!
Here are some items I loved for the month of July.

*EOS Shaving Cream - I can't say enough good things about this shaving cream.  It's definitely a summer staple.  This cream leaves my skin super soft and moisturized through the next day. The key ingredients are aloe, natural conditioner oils, oats, shea butter, vitamin e&c and the best part is that it's paraben free. I'm very sensitive to strong scents so I was worried in the beginning but this lavender jasmine smells lovely and is not at all overwhelming

Dior Creme De Rose Smoothing Lip Balm - Yes, I jumped on the band wagon and fell in love with this balm!  When you first purchase this you have to push down on the balm to get through the surface and apply the layer under the surface.. That's the good stuff... It does have a rose scent to it, but it goes away after a while...I apply this at night and it stays on all through the night leaving my lips moisturized until morning

BKR Water Bottle - Pretty pink glass bottle.. Enough said =)

Bauble Bar Pearl 360 Earring - These are Dior inspired and I absolutely love them, especially because they are wallet friendly compared to the real thing.  I have gotten several compliments every time I wear these. Some women have even stopped me to ask to get a closer look.. It's a show stopper

Nars Ita Brush - I have been contouring my face on a regular basis.. Mainly because my face is still fat from being pregnant... I LOVE this brush and I'm so happy that Nars decided to bring it back.  You need this brush in your collection if you love contouring.

Clarins Natural Lip Perfector - Best lipgloss of the summer! It applies beautifully and is not sticky at all. The color I have is, "rose shimmer" which is the perfect pink on me

Clear Shampoo - My dermatologist recommended this shampoo to me because my of my dry scalp due to the summer heat. This shampoo has saved my dry and itchy scalp.  It gently cleanses and nourishes without damaging or striping your hair.  Definitely will be repurchasing this again

Tarte Amazonian Blush in Captivating - This color is a new edition to the Tarte Amazonian blush family and I'm so happy with it. It is a beautiful peachy color which is perfect for the summer time. I will be honest and admit that my go to blush color is pink but the last few months i've been trying to venture out and explore other colors... I'm so happy I did because this color has become one of my favorites. I have literally been wearing it everyday

Last but not least, my favorite blogger for the month of July is Caroline from Un-Fancy.

She has inspired me to de-clutter my closet and go back to the simple basics.  I love her simple and polished outfits.  Each season, Caroline shops and selects 37 items for her "capsule" and creates outfits and looks using only those 37 pieces for an entire 3 months!! It's truly inspiring!  Go read more about her minimalistic wardrobe journey and please tell her I said, "Hi!"

Please share with me what you simply loved in the month of July! Until next month! xoxo

Items marked with (*) was provided to me by a PR company for my consideration.  My honest opinion has been written in this post regarding the item(s) received. 

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