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Ok so for the past year I've been trying to lose my pregnancy weight but to be honest, it's been a little difficult to do.  Being a busy mom of an active toddler I definitely find it a lot harder to prepare and eat healthy meals...I'm not going to even lie, fast food and instant noodles have been my best friend this past year! >_< my poor hubby also gained weight.

It's the end of the year, the most dangerous time to indulge a little too junk for my body.  I thought it would be the perfect time for me to take a step back and reset my mind to get my groove back. The first thing I wanted to do was cleanse my body of all of the nasty toxins so I immediately turned to Juice Cleansing.  

Juice cleansing is good because not only does it help empty out all of the junk in our system but it also helps you to curve your appetite and reset your healthy eating habits. It's the perfect way to kick start a new diet! 

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Why Ritual Wellness?  
Because they are 100% organic and 100% recyclable.  Not very many companies can claim that they are 100% organic.  Not only that but Ritual Wellness is local for me so I can trust that they source all of their fruits and veggies from farmers who are right in this area. I did the Ritual Wellness one day 'Seasonal Reset Juice Cleanse' which consisted of 6 delicious juices bottles.   That's up to 20lbs of USDA organic fruits and vegetables!  

Ritual Wellness has great delivery service!  When I woke up the morning my order was suppose to come, I eagerly ran to my front door to find my environment friendly bag along with my 6 juice bottles and ice packs inside.        

simplyxclassic, ritual wellness, juice cleanse, pressed juice, jucing, healthy, fit, blogger, orange county

My Experience: 
Surprisingly, it was so easy to get through the day without food because the juices kept me full.  I was shocked that I wasn't reaching for food or more so, junk food!   I did have to use the restroom a lot more than usual which is understandable but other than that, I didn't have a problem with hunger.  
To each their own.  Though most of the flavors were delicious to me, there was 1 that I didn't very much care for but it was ok enough for me to finish.  

I didn't lose any weight after 1 day of cleansing but I could tell my skin was brighter and glowing. I think perhaps if I had the stamina to juice cleanse for more than 1 day I would be able to see a different in weight. 

So readers, Have you tried juice cleansing??  If so, what are your thoughts and if not, would you be interested in trying?  Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, miriam

*Ritual Wellness 1day Juice Cleanse was sent by a PR company for my consideration. Everything expressed in this post is my complete opinion and experience. 

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