UNFANCY FRIDAY - Macbook Air Giveaway!

MacBook Air Giveaway!
Hurry and head over to my Instagram and find this photo below for all of the details! 


I just have to get something off my chest.. Today I was trying on clothes at Old Navy and I set my Ray-Ban sunglasses on the little bench inside the dressing rooms.. I left the room and went to go find my husband who was browsing through the mens section.. Literally 3 minutes later, I realized that I left my sunnies inside the dressing room!  I went back and someone was already in there trying on  clothes.. The sales associate knocked and asked if there was sunnies on the bench and the lady replied no.. ARGH!  There are only TWO conclusions to this!  1 - the lady is lying and she stole em or 2 - the sales associate saw them after I left the room and stole em herself.  Either way, I was so angry and felt extremely violated! Have you had anything stolen from you?  Not the way I want to start my weekend! 

Now, on to Unfancy Friday!

Rylie had her first ballet class and we both LOVED it!

Received some Korean beauty samples from Yepeau, Organic Beauty products from Roots Laguna Beach and a lovely smelling salt scrub from Barney & Clyde
Casual look from this week
hm top // shorts // shoes // similar bucket bag

Hope you all had a wonderful father's day.. 
We are definitely blessed for the man in our life and my own dad who's in heaven now. 


Still loving these heels!  and loving the fact that it was on SALE!!!
jacket // shirt // ae jeans // shoes // bag

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