Unfancy Friday! - Life

It's FRIDAY!!! 
Hubby has the next few days off (insert Happy dance here)! 

I did a 3-day juice cleanse from #juicemi
Can't wait to share with you my experience! 

Rylie asked for ice cream so we took a trip to our nearest Afters Ice cream to treat ourselves! 

I was invited our to #savorsantaana.. it was super yummy! I ate 3, yes THREE poke bowls!

Purchased some succulents!  I pray to God that I don't kill these cuties! 

Spend the evening with these lovely ladies at #paintnite
Who knew that painting could be so therapeutic and fun at the same time! 
I laughed the entire night at myself zero skills! 
See if PAINTNITE is hosting a class in your area!  If so, use discount code, "INSTA" for 35% off!

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