7 Days Of Beauty - Day THREE, Massaging

Here is the third edition to my 7 Days of Beauty Series.  


I try to massage my face everyday whether I'm cleansing my face or applying moisturizer day and night.  I truly believe the secret to glowing skin is blood circulation.  Get that blood pumping in your face! 

Two of my current favorite products to use when massaging my face are:  Clean it Zero & Clinique Take The Day Off.  They are essentially the same product as they work the same way and do the same thing so it really comes down to preference.  

Clean It Zero is an Asian product. It has a nice non-abrasive fruity smell and is only $16 where Clinique's Take The Day Off has no scent and is $30.  I like both of them.

Both are make-up removers where you can apply the product directly to your face and massage your make-up off.  You can wipe clean with a towel and begin your nighttime skincare routine, but I recommend washing with a gentle cleanser afterwards to get rid of the oily residue. My favorite gentle cleanser is Purity by Philosophy.  

I do not use these two products to remove my make-up but instead I use it strictly for massaging my face.  The texture of the product is creamy and oily making it very easy to glide and massage. 

How I use this two products are, I apply a quarter size amount to my finger tips and massage all over my clean face.  I massage for about 10-20 minutes using circular upward motions with my two fingertips (pointer and middle) - I'm normally parked on the couch watching The Bachelor. 

After I'm done massaging my face I wash off the remaining product using Philosophy's Purity Cleanser.  My face can be a little red and itchy from the massage but that's due to the blood circulation and it always goes away after a few minutes.  

So what do you think?  Have you tried any of these products? 
Do you readers massage your face?

 Take the Day Off // Clean It Zero // Purity Cleanser

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