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Cleansing with JuiceMi

So a few weeks ago I decided to go on a juice cleanse to help clean out my system. 
Have you guys tried a cleanse before?  This is the third juice cleanse i've done and I have to say that JuiceMi is by far my favorite because all of their juices taste so delicious!  The other cleanses I've tried, there was always 2-3 that I didn't prefer due to the "earthy" taste but JuiceMi juices were all super yummy with only 1 that I didn't much care for.  But besides the enjoyment of taste, let me talk about a few benefits. 

- if you're not big on vegetables, juicing is a great way to get all your nutrients
- fresh pressed juice is like drinking straight up vitamins
- increases energy levels
- strengthens immunity
- helps keep bones strong
- give glowing complexion
- gets rid of toxic foods in your system
- reduces your appetite
- hydrates your body

As a mom trying to lose baby weight, I was happy to know that even thought I wasn't eating food, I was still getting all of the daily nutrients I needed. As a busy mom to an active toddler, it was nice having a juice bottle with me on the go.  I can't even tell you how many times I forget to eat during the day b/c i'm so busy with play dates and schedules.  It was really convenient having a bottled "meal" ready to go. 

Throughout the 3 days, I saw that my skin was definitely glowing and appeared healthier (which I LOVED).   I noticed that I wasn't hungry at ALL!  I don't exactly know why, perhaps the amount you get per JuiceMi bottle is more than the other juice cleanse I've tried, but I remember on day ONE, it was around 5 pm and I was still on Juice #3!  I really liked that b/c I tend to do all of my bing eating towards the evening so having 3 more juices to fill me up before bedtime was more than enough to keep me full and satisfied.  

Have you guys tried a juice cleanse?   I mentioned that this was the 3rd one I've tried - that's how much I love doing these cleanses!  I really do see the benefits of cleansing and flushing out your system of all the yucky foods we put int everyday.   You should definitely give JuiceMi a try!

3-Day Juice cleanse was generously provided by JuiceMi. The written post above is my own opinion. 

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