7 DAYS OF BEAUTY - DAY FOUR, Eye Mask and Lip Scrub

Here is the forth edition to my 7 Days of Beauty Series.  
Missed the other 3? Here they are: Day ONETWO, THREE


Usually mid-week I like to give my face a break and just focus on my eyes and lips... If you didn't know, I'm actually obsessed with keeping my eyes and lips looking young...after all both parts can completely reveal your age so it's super important to always keep them hydrated and moisturized!  Here are my two favorite eye and lip products to use!

First is by Sheseido. It's the Pure Retinol eye mask
No directions needed really, you just apply to your clean under eye area and leave on for as little or long as you want... Retinol is a strong ingredient that works on firming the skin and helps prevents wrinkles.  

Next, I love exfoliating with this Lip Scrub from VS.  Basically it's sugar and oil but I love the compact jar making it easy for me to take if traveling.  

All you do is scoop a good amount and apply to your lips.  Gently scrub off the dead cells on your lips and wipe off with tissue. 

(I apologize for the blurry photo above)
The best part about this compact lip scrub is that it comes with it's very own lip balm on top!

Once you're done with the scrub and you wipe off the excess, apply the balm on your lips to moisturize.  I'm pretty picky when it comes to lip products and this one is pretty good! 

What do you guys think?  Have you tried either of these products?  How do you take care of your under eye area and lips? 

eye patch // lip scrub & balm

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