BEAUTY: What I'm Loving

Currently in LOVE with these 4 products below! 
A few months ago I went on a Kate Somerville kick and I'm so happy 
I did b/c these products have been so good to me!

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Purify Clarifying Cleanser

I absolutely love cleansing my face with this gentle cleanser. First of all it smells so yummy and I love that it gives my skin nice a non-irritating tingle in the morning.  It's such a great pick-me-up when you're feeling extra tired and groggy.  This leaves my skin completely clean and fresh without the tight and dry feeling. 

simplyxclassic, kate somerville, beauty, skincare, review

Replenishing Toner

This was the first item I grabbed and purchased b/c at the time I needed a toner.  I'm a little picky about toners and this one has been added to my "favorites" list.  Again like all of her other products, it smells good and this liquid is just so refreshing to apply!  It completely softens my skin and prepares it for the next step of accepting the moisturizer. 

simplyxclassic, kate somerville, beauty, skincare, review

Daily Deflector Moisturizer

This has been my day-time lotion since I got it!  I love that it hydrates my skin but doesn't leave my face oily or sticky! I really hate that feeling.  It smells lovely but nothing overpowering or strong.  Trust me, I'm very sensitive to fragrances and I usually prefer my lotions (face and body) to be unscented.  But this one is very light and it quickly fades after you apply.  It also works as a great base for under your make up. I found that I don't need to use a separate primer for my make up when using this lotion.  The SPF is 20 so I'm good to go on days I'm not playing in the sun.  

simplyxclassic, kate somerville, beauty, skincare, review

RetAsphere 2-in-1 Retinol Night Cream

This again like the day cream above has been my night cream since I got it.  I really see a different in my skin with using the Retinol.  If you're not familiar with Retinoids, I encourage you to read up on it as we are people who are aging EVERY SINGLE day and could use a little help with slowing down the process.  This lotion is not at all greasy or sticky and I don't have to worry that my pillow is going to be covered with this product like other heavy night creams.  This one sinks into your skin quickly and keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized all night long.  

Have you tried any of these products?  If so, what was your experience?

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