STYLE: Lace Cream and Grey Outfit

Going off of my grey & cream post from the other day, 
I wanted to upload this outfit I wore a few weeks ago.  
Grey and cream has been my favorite color combo for the fall season and I have a feeling it'll stay around for the winter season as well.

Everything I'm wearing below is available in stores!!



top // skirt // heels // clutch // watch // sunnies // hat

I wanted to touch on something really quick today.. I know I normal don't post anything private or personal but I wanted to share something I've been experiencing in the blogging world and that's racism.  I can't even believe I'm writing that b/c I absolutely dislike people who play the race card but I can whole-heartedly say with conviction that I have experienced prejudice opinions in this blogging world.  I don't want to get too specific or anything, in fact I want to be very vague.. I just wanted to share that I'm really surprised and somewhat disturbed that racism still exist today... 
All I'll say is this, there's only one yellow ranger in the power rangers. 

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