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Christmas is just around the corner and I feel like it's not too early to start thinking about gifts!
One great Christmas gift idea I have for your family is a personalized calendar from Snapfish.  I don't know about you but I always have a hard time finding gifts for my mom and for Eric's parents.  This idea came to me one day when I my MIL (mother in law) emailed me asking me to send her photos of Rylie... There is so much happiness whenever I send them photos of the family so why not make a personalized calendar so they can see a Rylie hung up on their wall 12 months of the year?!


What I love about Snapfish is that they make it easy to upload and edit your photos!  It's so easy, you can do it in your pi's in bed!  It's not rocket science - By the way, does anyone know where that saying even came from?  I mean, why rocket science? Why not microbiology (the major Eric studied)?  Ok, totally off track!  As I was saying, it's extremely easy to create and I love that there are  a variety of photo layout options for each month you're designing.

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After you select the design and layout of your calendar, you upload your photos and plug away in each month!  Easy peasy!


I can't even tell you how impressed I was with the quality of the calendar! I was a little concerned because a good majority of the photos I uploaded were from Instagram which had filters on them. Surprisingly, they all came out good!


If you're in the market for some personalized gifts, I would definitely recommend the Snapfish calendar.  If a calendar isn't your thing, they have several other photo gift options like these adorable Christmas ornaments or coffee mugs!  Yikes!  I better start making my Christmas list now! 

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