STYLE: Fall in love with a Pink Coat

I'm still finding ways to wear this soft blush pink color in the colder months...


Happy Thursday all!  I sincerely hope you're all having a beautiful week! Last night I was cordially invited to my friend Kathleen's lovely home to learn about 'The Her Initiative'.  I came home so humbled and thankful for all of the little things I forget to be thankful for - like running water.  It's so crazy to think about living in a world where fresh running water isn't readily available.  I couldn't help but feel so spoiled in my own little bubble and how often I take for granted the basic necessities some people maybe not even have.

If you want to get involved and help get fresh water and basic hygiene education to these people, click here.

IMG_2469 IMG_2558 IMG_2564 IMG_2440

coat // top // skirt // shoes // bag // sunnies 

On a side note, I wanted to thank you so much for all of the warm support and encouragements on my first youtube video!  *tears 

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