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Hi Friends!

Though it may not show with all of my complaining and rants on snapchat, there is a small part of me that is pretty fragile and vulnerable and I wanted to give you a tiny glimpse of that side of me today. 

Today marks the 5th year memorial of my dad's passing.  In 2011, my dad passed away after receiving several treatments of radiation and chemo for his lymphoma cancer.  I laugh as I type that because even now I can't figure out how a man who has never smoked or drank a sip of alcohol a day in his life could be struck with lymphoma cancer.. But it just goes to show that these things are completely out of our hands and beyond our control. 

(photo taken the day we checked into Johns Hopkins Hospital and found out about the cancer)

(photo taken the day of my dad's passing)

I have always been close with both my parents, but there's something about a dad/daughter relationship that is just so special and indeed, my dad and I were very close.  Needless to say, his passing was very difficult for my mom, brother and myself and even now with 5 years behind us, the day he was taken is still fresh in my mind (tears).

(my dad died a year before my wedding and was not able to walk me down the aisle.. he was not forgotten on this day as my mom carried a small bouquet of remembrance to place on the seat next to her)

 I have such a soft and tender spot for those who have sick family members or are dealing with death because I have gone through it and can understand the roller coaster emotions that go with it.

My dad's passing has taught me that life is just too short.  Death has a way of opening our eyes to see what really matters.  It's a very sobering, reality-check kinda moment.  My time is too valuable to be wasted on foolish things and people.  This is the main reason why I don't really care what people in this community (who are not my friends) think of me.  It's just not a big deal because I've learned to see the bigger picture.

I share this b/c I have read your e-mails, your comments, your snaps and it breaks my heart to know that some of you struggle with this desire to fit in and be accepted by everyone in the blogging community. Trust me when I say that I understand how you feel but you're really not missing out on anything.  Before this turns into a life lesson, let me end by saying that time is valuable and you should invest in things and people that really matter and give the "bye felicia" hand to the stupid people that don't matter.

My family and I will be spending this day together laughing and smiling because my dad lived a short but very full life.
(matt 25:21)

Have a lovely weekend and I hope to see you back here on Monday!

Your Friend,

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