Taking Photos With a Toddler

For most of you moms out there, it's no big surprise that photographing a little one can be quite the challenge.  I learned a few tips that work for us so I wanted to share with you in case you wanted to snap some blog photos of your kids!


Tip: I always bring toys.. The easiest pose for us to photograph are walking shots. One of her favorite things to do is run after the ball so I always bring a small ball to throw in the direction that we're walking.  You can see in the photo below the yellow ball i'm holding in my right hand. Other toys I have shot with include anything with wheels where she can pull along while walking.

Tip: I make sure I have some sweet snacks on hand for bribery.. yes, I bride my daughter for smiles! One time I even had a popsicle in my handbag!  Another bribing trick that totally works with Rylie is when I bring up the "D" word... Disneyland.. She goes all kinds of happy crazy and it makes it easy to photograph her when she's excited about something.


Tip: When I need Rylie to stand or sit still I always ask her to sing a song or recite her alphabets - homegirl loves to show off!

Tip:  I give her breaks to run around and do whatever she wants.. That's when hubby and I shoot my detail or single shots.  I also never take more than 5 minutes to shoot with her.. Her attention span and patience is short so I try to keep our time in front of the camera to less than 5 minutes.


Tip:  Overall, just have fun!  I do my best to bring everything down to her level and make the environment as happy as possible.  She knows when I'm frustrated and disappointed with whatever it is that's bothering me - lighting, angles you name it... But, when I'm cheerful and happy, she's also cheerful, happy and willing to pose with mommy.


my outfit:  dress c/o // top // neck tie // heels // bag // sunnies // watch
Rylie's outfit // zara dress // shirt // tights // shoes 

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