Dreaming of a Summer Getaway

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One of my favorite things to do during the winter season is to plan a summer getaway.  After celebrating the holiday season and drinking one too many eggnogs, all I want to do is dream about lying under the sun (canopy) while drinking some kind of fruity pineapple drink with a pretty flower in it.  Is that so wrong?  Let’s turn that dream into a reality and start planning my summer getaway now!


First things first: pick a vacation spot!  When it comes to vacationing, my husband and I both prefer sunny beachy weather for relaxation.  I admire people who can go backpacking or camping and do all sorts of crazy adventurous activities, but I am not one of those people.  I prefer a nice luxury hotel by the beach! That’s an ideal vacation for me.  So where should we go this summer?  Fiji?  Maldives?  Cabo?  

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I’m thinking Hawaii!  Six hours on the plane is doable with a 2-year old toddler!  Our favorite island is Oahu because you get the best of both worlds!  A little bit of city life mixed in with the best beaches in the world!  Have you been before?  

So two lists I always create when traveling are “must eat” and “must see.”  I make a list of all of the restaurants I must eat at and a list of all of the scenic places I must visit!   My lists usually aren’t very long because I like asking locals for their favorite spots to eat and things to do.  After all, they know the ins and outs.

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Now that I picked my tropical getaway spot, the only thing that’s left is to figure out what I'm going to wear and what I'm going to pack!  I’ll definitely be packing my thinkThin® bars!  They are gluten-free and packed with protein making it perfect to carry around with me while traveling! thinkThin® also comes in a variety of flavors!  My personal favorites are the white chocolate and cookies and creme bars!  Yummy!!!


I think I have a good head start to planning my summer getaway, don’t you?  So tell me, readers: Where are you dreaming of visiting this summer?

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