STYLE: A Floral Dance

I love a pretty floral dress...Especially one that is high low! This is the kind of dress that makes you want to twirl!


Ok, before I talk about my dress I just have to ask if anyone else out there screamed like a giddy school girl when Leo won the oscar!?!?!??!

IMG_9127 IMG_9131 IMG_9135 IMG_9137 IMG_9083 IMG_9126

I wore this dress out to dinner with my hubby in Palm Springs last week.  It's kinda rare for my hubby to compliment me on my outfit so when he stops what he's doing to tell me, "wow you look great babe."  I'll take it!  Let me tell you what I LOVE about this dress. I LOVE that it's short sleeves! I LOVE that it's high low.  I LOVE that it's vneck. I LOVE that it's a flattering fit and flare.  Is that enough reasons for you to purchase?

dress // similar heels // necklace

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