Style: Tequila For Valentine's Day

It's Monday and all I can say is, "tequila!"


First of all, how awesome is this sweatshirt?!  When I saw it, I didn't even hesitate adding it to my shopping cart.  I'm not a writer, so I can definitely relate to the alcohol!  Maybe not tequila though... I had a really bad experience in collage and never drank it again!  HA!  I feel like everyone has a crazy tequila story?

After a few Pinspirations, I decided to throw on some heels with this sweatshirt to make it look put together and dare I say, chic?  Hahaha, we all know that I'm far from being 'chic' but I definitely tried!  I often times see my favorite stylecon's (style icon), wearing casual jeans, killer heels and a regular t-shirt.. They always look so effortless and chic... This was my best attempt!

IMG_7127 IMG_7094 IMG_7143

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