Style: Traditional V-day vs. Non-Traditional V-day Outfit

Traditional vs. Non Traditional


Valentines Day is just around the corner and Rylie and I are excited to celebrate with our man.  When Eric and I were dating we did the big V-day fancy fine dining and after a while it got overrated with all of the reservation demands, long waits and crowds.  Since getting married, we started a new v-day tradition where we go to Costco to pick up 2 huge dungeness crabs, cook them and enjoy our meal together in the comfort of our own home.  I like this so much better!  Now that Rylie can eat pretty much everything, she will be included in our family tradition starting this year!


I have a hard time shopping for v-day outfits b/c even though I love pink and red,  i'm not really into wearing specific colors for specific holidays so when I saw this dress, I thought it was perfect since it doesn't scream "HELLO, I'M CELEBRATING VALENTINES DAY!"
This a-line dress is a little shapeless for me so I added a belt to show off my waist.. I also gathered the sleeves for a more put together look.  Oh and btw, I really love that Rylie's lilac dress is the same color as the flowers on my dress!

IMG_6479 IMG_6496 IMG_6626

dress // belt // boots // watch // sunnies
Rylie's dress // boots

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