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If you saw my snapchat yesterday (simplyxclassic1) then you saw my beauty counter makeover.. 
Our bathroom was becoming a nightmare with products everywhere - my hubby wasn't happy.. I needed to make a serious change and get myself organized.  I took to pinterest and saw this idea using a marble tier stand and thought it was not only brilliant but beautiful!  Everything is linked for you below and I put a (*)  next to my most purchased and favorite items.


marble tier


make up remover*
cleansers: enzyme powder*, cleaning oil, green tea foam*
toner: treatment essence
treatment: derma quench, hydrating serum, serum concentrate
sunscreen*, lip balm*


treatment: bio peel padshyaluronic serum, vitamin c serum*, egg pore mask,
moisturizers: eye cream*, daily moisturizer, repair cream


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