STYLE: Casual Short Sleeve Dress & Shortcuts


Lately I've been wishing upon stars for shortcuts... Gosh, if there was some sort of fast track to success, that would be wonderful wouldn't you agree?  But you and I both know that there is no fast track, there is no elevator to press a button to take you straight up to the top - we all gotta take the stairs!  (Great, I hate stairs)

Just goes to show that things take time.  Whether you're running or walking up those stairs, it takes time to go up.  In the meantime, pace yourself, be diligent and breathe.

IMG_9955 IMG_9984 IMG_9956 IMG_9993 IMG_9960

How cute is this dress?  It's less than $60 and so oh comfortable!  I love the mix of the pinstriped woven and casual tee!  Of course I had to pair it with my converse because I love my chucks!  This cross body bag is the fendi mini peek-a-boo knock off and I've been enjoying it so much recently!  So happy I didn't shell out $$$$ for it because I think this faux bag is just as nice!

dress // hat // bag // shoes // sunnies

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