STYLE: Red and White Striped Spring Dress


dress // bag // sunnies // hat // heels

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I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Our family celebrated over a delicious meal while remembering the sacrifice that was made on the cross on our behalf.   It was also a sweet reminder for us as parents to teach Rylie that this holiday isn't primarily about a bunny but more importantly, this holiday is about a Lamb, the perfect Lamb.

Also over the weekend, I came across an unnecessary comment on one of my instagram photos which made me cringe a little bit.  The girl was accusing me of only caring about commission and linking an item that was 10x the price of actual item SHE THOUGHT I was wearing.  It always baffles me when people claim they know everything.  I'm always like, "wow, I had no idea you were God."

When someone makes an accusations based on their opinions and their perception, there's no point trying to win them over because you'll never win.  They have already made up their mind that what they believe is true and that's that.  I rarely receive rude or unnecessary comments but when I do, I don't bother wasting my time arguing with the person.  I just delete, block and move on.  How do you guys deal with rude and unnecessary comments?

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