Style: Short Sleeve Coral Dress & Blogging Woes


dress // similar heels // sunnies

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I look forward to the days when I no longer have to worry about another bigger blogger wearing the same item making me look like I copied. Sounds ridiculous, trust me I know, but this is something I think about. This dress is the perfect example of just that.

Last year, I purchased this dress in white and fell in love with the cut, it literally was and still is my favorite LWD. I posted it on my blog and instagram and then 2 weeks later a bigger, better more popular blogger posted the same dress.  I have no problem with anyone getting the same item as me, i'm a little too old for that but I don't like it when people think that I 'stole their look'. This year, the dress came out in this gorgeous coral color and I just couldn't resist. When I saw it in stores, I immediately purchased it and posted about it on my snapchat and my Facebook to let all of my followers know.. Of course that bigger, better and more popular blogger also purchased it and posted her outfit photos earlier this week - and now I look like a copying fool hahaha.

It's honestly not a big deal - it just shows that she likes this dress just as much as I do... but i'm not gonna lie, it's kinda a bummer being overshadowed by someone who has a bazillion followers... Have you guys experienced this before? If so, how did you handle it? I'm not sure how much longer my blog career will go, but I do long for those days when I can just purchase an item and not have to worry about this silly thing.

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