The Best Kids Gummy Vitamins by Olly


Today I want to share with you a new product we've been loving in our household.
We were recently introduced to Olly Kids which are kid's gummy vitamins. Being a busy mom I hate to admit this but I don't always have the luxury to feed Rylie the healthiest meals. There are many times during the week where we'll eat out for lunch or dinner and I feel so guilty because I know they're not the most nutritious. I'm so happy that she's now old enough where she can take these chewable vitamins from Olly so she can get the daily vitamins she needs.


'Super Brainy' contains omegas and vitamin B which are good for healthy development
'Mighty Immunity' is filled with zinc and other vitamins to help with the immune system
'Growing Bones' is for bone development with calcium and vitamin D
'Happy Tummy' helps with having a healthy digestive system


Rylie definitely like all 4 selections and has no issues eating them. They taste good enough for a toddler to enjoy and as a parent, I appreciate all of the good nutrients. Everyday after breakfast she runs over to the jars excited to take her daily vitamin. We take a new vitamin each day. Today she ate the 'Mighty Immunity' and tomorrow she'll take the 'Super Brainy' and so on...

IMG_0627 IMG_0632 IMG_0663 IMG_0702

As a mom, I'm so thankful for these daily vitamins that are helping Rylie stay healthly and grow big and strong. Personally I never took vitamins as a kid and I really wish I had. As an adult today, I have a very weak immune system and find myself to be sick frequently (like I am now). I want to make sure Rylie is getting all of the good nutrients to help her develop a healthy lifestyle.



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