6 Items I Always Pack When Traveling

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These Packing Organizers seriously make my life so much easier. They help me by saving room which ultimately means there's just more room for shoes! One little rectangle organizer can fit a lot of clothes! I usually can pack all of 6 outfits into just 2!

I'm a little sensitive to noise when I sleep so this White Noise Sounds Machine drowns out any city noise from the streets or talkers from paper thin hotel rooms. I've become to used to this that I can't sleep without it, silence is a little creepy to me now.

You guys know how HUGE I am with my skincare regime and traveling is no exception. I find these Travel Beauty Containers to be very helpful. I love that this set comes with a spatula so I can easily transfer my creams into the jars. They are also TSA approved!

Of course I can't forget the Beauty Bag I put these travel containers into. This bag fits all of my toiletries and make-up / make-up brushes which is a LOT. What I like most about this bag is that it comes with a hook that I can just hang on the towel bar.

After my beauty products the next important things are my technology stuff. I love this Tech Cord Organizer because it not only does it fit all of my needs, it helps me to remember to pack my extra battery pack and phone chargers. I like having all of my tech stuff in one place so I can just grab when I'm in a hurry.

And lastly I love packing a comfortable and lightweight Backpack. Sometimes handbags and cross body bags are not as comfortable carry around all day long when sightseeing. I picked up this grey one and I'm really loving how light and durable it is. It's not the biggest, it won't work as an overnighter but it definitely fits all of my needs for the day.

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