She's Copying Me on Instagram!!!

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Hey Everyone, Happy Friday!
I hope you all had a wonderful week. I have to apologize for my absence on my blog and social media channels this week. Every now and then I go through these waves of discouragements and recently I was really taken aback by how immature and stupid people can be because of Instagram. Before I get into it, let me start by saying that this is MY OPINION and I'm specifically talking about bloggers/instabloggers.

A friend shared with me the other week how an "instablogger" had dm'd her and accused her of copying her outfit. This may have come to surface because my friend was featured on the IG page of the brand she was wearing. My friend was really shocked by the accusing DM she rcvd because she doesn't know this "instablogger" or follow her.

It's really disappointing to hear these things because first of all, isn't Instagram suppose to be fun and inspiring? Sure I get that it's also a business, it's a business to me too but I would NEVER in my life confront someone of copying me - and trust me when I say that I am the confronting type of girl. No matter how convinced you are in your head that someone is jacking your style, you can't prove anything. I do understand that if it's frequent and consistent, there is a need for a conversation at which point I hope that both parties can sit and listen to each other like grown adults. It's amazing to me how so many insta-friendships have been broken and severed because of this.

The truth is we ALL shop at the same stores because of the commission links and we all get contacted by the same companies and brands for collaborations - Sometimes selecting a cute item from those companies and brands are slim pickings - of course everyone is going to pick the prettiest and cutest items.

How I Deal With Copy Cats
I'm not standing on a soap box here pretending like I don't struggle with this either. There are times when I have felt like someone has straight up jacked my outfit, idea, theme or location. I won't lie, it's frustrating because I try to put a lot of thought into my photos and if it happens all the time with a specific person - it's annoying. I think I'm pretty level headed to know the difference between a coincidence and copying so I try to look at it is this way:
I AM AN INFLUENCER. IF someone gets the same item or does the same thing then I AM DOING MY JOB.

Spread The Love
If I happen to get the same item as an 'instablogger' friend, I always try to mention them in my post by saying, "I was inspired by @fakenamehere" or "did you see @fakenamehere wearing this outfit?" I think this is the perfect way to show respect and trust me when I say that it promotes positivity and friendliness. When I see other bloggers doing this, it makes me like that person more!

All in all, I hope none of you readers are dealing with this and if you are remember that you're doing your job as an influencer.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday!


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