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You all know how much I love my beauty products. Here's a round up of products i've been loving lately.. Also below are a few of my beauty picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that's still going on now!


First of all, how cute is this plant mister? I got it at the Ferry Building in SF during our trip and I just couldn't pass it up! Now all 1 of my succulent plant will enjoy some h2o mist. I found the exact one online for you here!

This dior lip gloss has been my go-to for the month. I LOVE this gloss. It's not sticky and it definitely hydrates my lips like a real good lip balm! The shade is pink but I think it applies pretty clear. It doesn't have a smell or taste which I really appreciate.

Been enjoying my Kate Somerville retinol eye cream. I really like the gold metal applicator as it gives a nice cooling sensation for puffy mornings.


I've been LOVING my Collagen Serum from Peach and Lily. I can tell my skin has been a plumper which is always good in my book! I've been applying day and night and I'm definitely loving the results!

I also got this Calendula Juicy cream (vegan) from Peach and Lily and I've been using as my hand and body lotion. I really love that it is unscented and not greasy. It absorbs right into the skin while moisturizing and hydrating your skin at the same time. It's also very good for sensitive skin!

I'm probably the last one to jump on the hoola bronzer and I'm not really sure why I shyed away from this bronzer for so long! Perhaps the dark color scared me but I found that a light hand works best. Seriously, a little goes a long way on your brush. Make sure to tap off the excess power before applying to your face. If you don't want to buy the full product, check out the mini travel size version here to test out.

Lately i've been feeling like my make up is complete crap by the end of the day. I decided to test out some primers and the one from Hourglass was my first choice. It applies very smoothly and evenly and I found that my make up glides on nicely. Best part is, my make up lasts and I no longer feel like crap. lol. It's a bit pricey for the full sizes but I say, try the travel size - a little goes a long way!

My SK-II essence is definitely an investment item. If you have the funds, I recommend trying it. I have noticed a difference in the texture of my skin since I started using it. My skin appears to be softer and replenished. I apply this with my hands and pat into my skin immediately after I wash my face.

Glow glow glow. This 'champagne pop' highlighter has been the glow on the face for the last month. I love a nice glow. It's a nice sheen without the glitters.

Last I wanted to talk about this SPF powder by Colore Science. You guys know how much I'm deathly arid of the sun. which is why I always wear hats, sunnies and occasionally I will wear arm sleeves and a face mask to protect myself from the sun. I always apply sunscreen whether i'm going to be out all day or not at all. But the downside of sunscreen lotion is that you can't reapply half way through the day if you're wearing a face full of make up. This powder brush is nice because the spf is in the powders! How awesome! Btw, it's spf30, which is all you need on a daily basis.

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