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I have been donating to my local charity for years and I never even realized that there might be a need for undergarments. Did you know that organizations do not accept undergarments? It's an overlooked basic necessity which is why I am excited to share the beautiful partnership between Vanity Fair and Dress For Success.

Dress For Success is an international organization that provides business attire for in-need women to secure employment. Not only do they provide the look for the job but they also provide networking opportunities, support and work-related training. It's truly an inspirational organization and I'm really thankful I had the opportunity to meet some of the women behind the scenes.

simplyxclassic, 5 job interviewing tips, interview, vanity fair, dress for success

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In honor of the partnership between Vanity Fair and Dress For Success, I wanted to share my 5 Job Interviewing Tips. This may sound a little weird but I actually love interviewing for jobs. Granted it's been some years since my last interview but I am confident in these 5 tips and believe they will result in a successful interview.

simplyxclassic, 5 job interviewing tips, interview, vanity fair, dress for success simplyxclassic, 5 job interviewing tips, interview, vanity fair, dress for success

1. Research the company you are interviewing for.
This may sound like a no brainer but believe it or not, plenty of people do NOT do this. I have walked into several interviews where the first question they ask is, "so what do you know about us." And yes, there was one time I interviewed for an electronics company and knew no other information about them other than the obvious fact that they sold electronics. Fast forward to the end of the story, I didn't get that job. If I knew then what I knew today, I would walk into that interview with at least 3 facts about them.

2. Practice Out Loud.
Before your interview, go over the topics you want to share. Most interviewers will ask you about your background info, experience, strengths and weaknesses. Prepare your answers and practice in your car or at home. Practicing out loud will help you not to stumble over your words during the real thing. When I get nervous or am not prepared, I tend to ramble on and on with a lot of, "uhh's." Speak clearly, loudly and get straight to the point. Know what you want to share and how you want to present yourself. Remember, this is a time to sell yourself!

3. Make Eye-Contact and Sit Up Straight & Forward.
Again, this may sound like a, "duh!" BUT I have conducted interviews where the candidate was slouching in their chair and didn't keep eye-contact during the conversation. It showed me that they weren't interested and enthusiastic about the job or company. When you make eye-contact and nod along, it shows me you're paying attention and actually listening to what I'm saying. When you sit up straight and lean forward a bit, it shows that you're eager and excited.

4. Always Ask Questions.
This is my biggest tip for you. Normally towards the end of the interview, you will be asked, "do you have any questions?" ALWAYS take the opportunity to ask questions because again, it will show you are genuinely interested. The questions I always ask during interviews and recommend for you are the following:
a. what do you like / dislike about your job
b. what you like / dislike about your company
My reasoning behind this is simple. Most people LOVE to talk about themselves which make these two questions perfect because they are related to the interview and you're giving the interviewer an opportunity to share their own opinion. I sat in a few interviews where THIS part took the longest time because again, people just looooove to talk about themselves. This is also a way to flip the switch and tell them, "hey, I want to know why an awesome person like myself should work for you."

5. Dress Professionally.
Stating the obvious - don't wear short skirts, crazy bold colors, tight fitting or revealing outfits. I personally would stick to black, white and blue. It's ok to show your personality in your outfit but make sure it is work appropriate. Another tip, make sure you're wearing the right bra size to give you the extra lift in confidence during your interview.



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This post is in partnership with Vanity Fair

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